If you take a young man and woman and they both tell a stranger that they work in the same restaurant, it’s very likely that they will assume that the woman is the waitress, and the young man a cook.

But I thought a woman’s place was in the kitchen? Not when she’s being paid for it. I can’t believe it took me this long to realize the implication of this. A woman’s place is one of servitude.

this fucking hit me like a fucking train 

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i can never understand people who love steve buscemi “ironically”
the only way to love him is unconditionally

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So I’ve been doing some “Summer Cleaning” and trying to clear out all the unnecessary clutter in my room and I’ve come across some of my favourite “lightly used” books on my shelf that are now just gathering dust. Instead of throwing them in a box and donating them to Value Village where you…

Sorry everyone for the slight delay in announcing the winner, my schedule has been crazy! The winner of the first (of many to come) used book giveaway is loguana! Thanks all five of you for entering in this contest, and keep checking back as I’ll be posting another book soon! :)

I have messaged the winner already asking for mailing information, if I’m not reached within 24 hours, I will select someone else!

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